Monday, June 05, 2006

So this weekend we got a bit more done on the arcade. We cut a 4'x8' sheet of birch plywood down to size and made all the pieces needed for the control panel. So the parts remaining for the control panel are to:

1) cut 45 degree mitres on angled side pieces
2) cut rabbits in side pieces
3) cut corners from the control panel top
4) cut holes for controls
5) route T-moulding slot into control panel edges
6) cut holes for wiring, bolt holes, and hinges
7) finish control panel
8) assemble control panel
9) install and wire controls

We're planning on working on at least the first two or three steps on Wednesday night.

After all that is done, we'll essentially have a functional arcade cabinet, since we can then mount the control panel to the previously completed 2x4 structure and set the TV on top too. It'll just be ugly as hell at that point. So after that is done it's on to the somewhat-less-tedious parts of cutting, finishing, and assembling the side pieces, the front door, and the angled platform for the TV. And after that there's just a few more cosmetic details like making the bezel and marquis.

Are we going to make it by the middle of July (my personal target date)? I dunno yet, but we should be close.

I'll post more pictures when we've got the control panel assembled.

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