Simple Desk

Here's a desk I made for my wife as a gift.  I drew it in Sketchup and then built it out of poplar and painted it white.  The desktop is made from 3/4" MDF for its stability and weight (plus I happened to already have some on hand).

The most interesting thing about it is that I turned the legs myself.  I didn't have a lathe so I built a doweling jig that allowed me to use a router to turn the legs, using info from a book called Router Magic.

The finish is just sprayed on white acrylic paint.  I had to seal the MDF with a mixture of 4 parts wood glue and 1 part water in order to get the finish to seal correctly.

Pictures of the construction and doweling jig are on my blog.

I also made a pretty cool animation of the Sketchup plan I made which shows all the parts of the desk and how they are constructed:

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