Sunday, October 01, 2017

Workbench Add-ons

After building my workbench, I needed a few extra accessories to help out with various tasks.

Holdfast Pads
I bought some holdfasts from Gramercy.  Check out the video if you're unsure what a holdfast is; it will likely revolutionize your woodworking.  I really like the holdfasts but if you don't put something between the foot of the holdfast and your workpiece it could dent or otherwise mar your workpiece.  Most people put a small block of scrap wood between the holdfast and the work piece, but I decided to attach a permanent leather pad to the foot of the holdfast.  This way I will never forget to protect the workpiece.

Planing Stop
Next I created a very simple planing stop out of some oak dowels and some scrap wood.  When the planing stop is dropped into a pair of holes in the bench it creates a brace for face planing a board.

Doe's Foot
A doe's foot is a thin batten used to secure a workpiece.  I made a really simple one by cutting a 90 degree notch in a scrap of quarter inch plywood.

Bench Hook
I made a bench hook based on a design by Paul Sellers.  This accessory is used for securely holding a workpiece while crosscutting it.  This design also has the advantage of working as a shooting board which is useful for sneaking up on perfect 90 degree cuts on a workpiece.

Holdfast Vise
The last piece of equipment is probably the least common one, and I'm not sure when it was invented.  It's quite possible that it's a recent addition.  I'm calling it a holdfast vise, and it's really a way of using two holdfasts and a block of wood to replace the face vise that workbenches usually have.  The main use for it is when you want to hold a board vertically, like when you are cutting dovetails.  I based my design on this one.

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