Thursday, January 21, 2016

Controlling flow through a wort chiller, part 1

Now it's time to start putting together my last two experiments in order to control how quickly the wort flows through the chiller.  This will hopefully allow me to control how quickly and efficiently the wort is chilled.

I've added a stainless steel racking cane as an input tube to the condenser tube.  The condenser tube is now better supported with a ring clamp that allows me to keep tube properly supported at an adjustable angle. The tube that leads into the glass jug is just the right diameter to fit snugly in the output of the condenser tube.

As part of this I also want to try and slow down the flow of water through the condenser tube.  I took a simple approach of using a pinch clamp to see how much that restricts the flow.  I then pulled 16 ounces of water and timed how long it took on a stop watch.

table of data
clamp gap(cm) transfer time(s)
open 0:38
0.5 0:38
0.4 0:38
0.35 0:41

Based on the numbers I collected, it seems that the pinch clamp is effectively binary, all off or all on.

Since the pinch clamp didn't work very well, I'm going to try inlining a smaller tube to see if that restricts the flow better.

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