Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've been looking into a new feature for my DVR PC: Boxee. Boxee is basically a media client which makes it very easy to watch streaming media (pandora, youtube, hulu, etc.). I've been jealous of my Linux and Apple-wielding brethren, as they've had Boxee support for some time now. But the Boxee folks have finally put out a public alpha for Windows. It's a little buggy (it is an alpha after all), but I've been playing with it and it has lots of potential. I think I'll definitely be installing it on my DVR PC once it becomes a bit more stable.

I even found a forum posting about how to use a Hauppage IR remote to control it (which is what I currently use to control GBPVR).

Also, I think Netlfix and Boxee are working together to create a Boxee app to allow viewing Netflix streaming content, which I'm really psyched about.

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