Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Every once in a while I find something that totally surprises me. Today I found something new in the world of emulation. I've been a follower of console and handheld emulation for some time now (Super Nintendo, Gameboy, etc.). But I never thought about emulating those cheap little handheld games from way back in the day.

Well someone did think of it and they created a program to emulate these classic games. It's called LEDhead.

It looks pretty cool, and it runs on PocketPC and PalmOS to boot!

The only way I can think of to improve on this is to start emulating some of those little crappy LCD (not LED, but the ones with the custom game-specific LCD screens) games that they sold when I was a kid. That would be cool! Then I could recapture nearly all of my youth digitally.

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